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Doula Family
L.E.G.A.C.Y. Doula Certification 

 Doula Family Legacy Doula Certification we passionately teach the timeless wisdom and skills into the hearts and hands of future generations of Doulas and Birth Workers.  




Module 1

Lead Naturally

Doula Family 5 P’s: Personal, Professional, Preference, Passion, Profit.  
In this module and lesson plan we will discuss, the basics of becoming a Doula as well as the importance of the Principle “I honor the Divinity in you.” and why your authentic story is your greatest asset, seeing yourself through the Doula Family 5 P’s
(Unit for Self-Care, Discovery and Celebration of you)
1. Personal: Enhance and prioritize your personal development and profile, with your unique story.
2. Professional: What does it take to gain greater credibility and respect in your chosen profession? 
3. Preference: How and why we build trust with your future clients, peers, and birth work professionals, identifying preferences in communication, personalities, and power of active listening.
4. Passion: No one else has your story, your why “You were born for such a time as this! “ 
5. Profit: go from zero to scaling ROI -get paid for being you, understand the differences in creating a lifestyle, a business, a job or a legacy. – Strategize short term and long term goals begins here.

As a result of attending this class our students will be build their Legacy, Brand and Business authentically so they can stay true to their highest intention of who they are, their why and with whom they serve. Grounded by one of our Doula Family Principles, "Love is Just Good Business. Love of Self gives the ability to truly Love Others" They can answer this question "What should Love look like as I do business? Our Doula Family Legacy students have clarity, confidence and resolve to their higher purpose to show up fully and present with themselves and their clients. Which is the foundation to stop competing on other peoples terms and limiting you impact, revenue and legacy.

What would happen if they miss this step? They will be lost because their foundation would not be as strong, they wouldn't know their own faith muscle strengths to over come past life challenges and not discover their true quantifiable results and assets from the hard knock college experiences. If you miss this step there is a higher change to procrastinate, become overwhelmed, working through their heads not their hearts. Loose confidence leads so many wasted months, lost clients who needed you but the debilitating emotions, maybe guilt, shame, I'm not enough syndrome my raise his ugly head. Not wanting to put the spot light on themselves deprives clients who really needed you. 

The Solution 
Fully Engage in our
Lead Authentically Doula Family 5 P's Module 1


Module 2

Educate Strategically

 Bedside Manner: Develop your Craft & Art Form
This module will consist of the basics: Know thyself, your triggers, gaps and strengths, how to develop your unique role, skillset and personal touch as a Doula in different settings Homebirth, Hospital Birth, Birth Center Birth, C Section Delivery, and in Crisis unexpected events.  
The Spirit of a Doula – Birthing is a lifestyle: 

1. Understanding one’s inner wisdom, 
2. Learning to trust your inner knowingness and help guide your client 
3. How to transfer skill sets of empowerment. 
4. Working with and understanding the Law of Non Resistance and Resonance,
5. Be seen as a respected leader of the client’s birth team: How to be harmonious, influential, poised and magnetic with your presence vs power 
6. The Doula Family is a family of Doulas and “We change the world one family at a time. Legacy is the difference you make by the actions you take ” 
7. Secret Tips and Resources

What does this class do for the student? 
Becoming an effective collaboration facilitator is essential leadership skill. Doing this well is the heart of the culture creation and standards to be an integrity partner of the birth team no matter the location and with whom. Your client  and their family is your first priority. Understanding how you show up, your positive energy, good will, mindset, skillset, habit sets good intentions requires you as a high performance team member to support, edify, respecting your role and the role of the other professionals serving your client. 

What will happen of they miss this step? 
Lack of being present and mindful you set the stage for lack of focus, reactive responses, mistakes can easily happen instead of preventative proactive observation. You cannot show the value you bring to the team, so the client and other team members don't feel you have their back and capability to do your important role.  A huge amount of scattered time and energy is wasted eventually leading to burnout, working longer emotionally and physically. You're unable to hold the space for your client to anchor to so they believe they can deliver their baby.

The solution 
Educate Strategically Module 2 
Bedside Manner: Develop your Craft and Art Form




Module 3

Grow Exponentially

 Birth /  Postpartum Care and the Stages of Labor Informed or Performed 
This module and lesson plan will consist of the practical skills, scope, and practice in the role as a Doula the Doula’s role: birthing is a process  
1. Learn how to assess, guide, support, be present and debrief.
2. Identify normal or difficult physical, emotional and spiritual transitions before, during, or after birth. 
3. Childbirth Education, benefits for the informed consumer 
4. Stages of labor,  
5. Emergency Childbirth,  
6. Postpartum care,  
7. Newborn care,  
8. Breastfeeding and Lactation support. 
9. Self-care 1st and why.

As a result of attending this class our students will  have a comprehensive process that includes in-class and home-study information. Participation in the Doula Family Legacy Doula workshop: with supplemental text and reading list, training in  birth and postpartum care, basic childbirth education, breastfeeding and newborn care. As well as emergency childbirth. We will have  role modeling and how to facilitate an effect debriefing support for the client and fellow doulas and birth workers.

What would happen if they miss this step?  ​Ultimately the student would loose their foundation quickly not know what is normal and what is abnormal during the birthing process. Which could  possibility put your client at risk in your integrity agreement. The student would miss the processes, structure, support, systems and strategy that protects from obstacles, failures, set backs, costing time money and credibility.  Fear and anxiety seeps in erodes the confidence of the doula and the client.

The Solution
​Grow Exponentially  Module  3
​Birth /  Postpartum Care and the Stages of Labor Informed or Performed 


Module 4

Amplify Authentically

Doula Family: A Legacy Leader by Design. 
This module and lesson plan consists, create a design plan for your legacy contribution, and gaining an understanding of what it takes to be a Legacy Leader. 
“In knowing your legacy contribution you notarize it with certainty!” 
a. The Ultimate Gift 12 Lessons of the Legacy Leaders Lifestyle  
b. Discover what type of legacy you want to pass forward to future generations personally, professionally and or as a family? 
c. 6 Steps to Define your Legacy 
d. Identify Quantifiable Results 
e. Transfer exit strategy 

As a result of attending this class our students will be able to be  present and mindful provide a full disclosure to their family members of the Doula Family Legacy Doula Entrepreneur Family Agreement. Presenting the opportunity for open conversation outlining the family needs, and their commitment to each other as a family first and then with their role as a doula. It is our desire for all  family members to give their blessing and openly embrace and support their role as a L.E.G.A.C.Y. Leader for themselves and their family legacy. They will lay out an impact blueprint that as a  family will be proud of as well as embrace  their family vision and purpose.

What will happen if this step in missing? 
​ It would be a lost an opportunity to bond closer as a family and your purpose. You may focus on the wrong issues, have misaligned values, be reactive emotionally in decision making, doubt yourselves and not anchored to trust yourselves. Self judgements can be harsh and untrue, other peoples opinions weigh heavier than your own. Possibly unhappy, frustrated, unfulfilled maybe experiencing the I'm not good enough or smart enough syndrome comparing yourself to other people's perceived success.

The Solution  
​Discover your value Amplify Authentically     Module 4   
Doula Family: A Legacy Leader by Design. 



Module 5

Connect Globally

The Ripple Effect Roots & Wings Positive Impact “The difference you make by the actions you take.” 
In this module we will be discussing the ripple effect and impact of the power of one. “In knowing your legacy intimately and your contribution you notarize it with your certainty!”
The odds of you being born is 1 to 400 trillion.                         
You are 1 of 7.8 46 billion people in the world.
We create a Mastermind  and team building around something bigger than yourself, cooperation vs. competition.
To align yourself up with an outreach program or charity that is worthy of your time and resources. 
Here lies the greatest opportunity to make an impact in someone else’s life.
Growing your roots deep within and without by example gives others permission to do the same and empowers others to fly. 
ROOTS build trust with love to heal
WINGS build in confidence, hold the space for others until they can hold it for themselves.

As a result of attending this class you students have a confidential Doula and Birth Workers support system. Roots and Wings empowers non-judgmental birth and postpartum, lactations support and newborn case review. Teach One Reach One what worked well and what can be improved? Identify resources and needs for yourself or for your client.  You'll be in a space of service from abundance not lack in your extended community depending on where you're at the can be local, national or global.  

What will happen of they miss this step? 
Limitation of support, problem solving and lack of community of your supportive peers, feeling of going it alone.  Not systematized, organized, frustrated lack of focus and direction.
​Uncomfortable with asking for and or receiving assistance to make life easier.  Lack of trust that someone can do it better so you can shine where you work best.

The Solution 
Connect Globally Module 5
Purpose driven Ripple Effect Roots & Wings Positive Impact “The difference you make by the actions you take.” 

Old Globe


Module 6

Your Best Qualifiable Results

Mentorship, Your Brand Promise   
In this module you are a fully realized entity. What does this step do for your clients and their families and their extended family and friends?  What values and principles will you hold authentically true to yourself and others, stay committed, aligned, and on-purpose, as an expert in your own lane each and every day. Staying accountable to your highest purpose. 

  1. BUILD your brand authentically

  2. RELATE to people where they are - not where you are at

  3. ATTRACT the right clients in the right way the first time

  4. NURTURE strangers into friends with your heart

  5. DREAM  upon your vision for the future

As a result of attending this class You are on target to create your unique brand. Your identifiable by who you are Being you're in the zone. Your clients have solid reason to refer you. You're seeking mentorship growing yourself and your craft. and you're giving back sharing your new found wisdom to others. You're part of a larger community inspiring, contributing, being seen, and heard.

What will happen if you miss this step?  You limit yourself,  doing is playing small, conforming to default of bad habits Being is playing Big not willing to be willing to grow staying in the make believe world. You set your ceiling set point stopping yourself.

The Solution

Your Best Quantifiable Results Consistently    Module 6
Be willing to be willing to Mentorship, and Be Your Brand Promise 

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