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Purpose of 

Labour Support?

With the proper support there is less strain and stress

on the mother and the family.


Together lets create memories
​that will last a life time.

Purpose and Value of Labor Support.

The purpose of labor support is:
*Understanding the birth process
for eliminating  fears of the unknown.
To make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible
to facilitate the natural process of birth. 

*To Provide Emotional support is essential.
Giving the you the information you need to feel secure and in control, will lessens your fears; you can then concentrate on relaxation techniques
to ease the pain of labor.

*To Decrease Medical Interventions
When you're informed, calm, and laboring
at your own pace; good emotional support is necessary to make your laboring environment
feel safe and non-threatening.

*To Provide Pain Relief Measures: 
trained to give massage and other non-pharmacological pain relief measures. As your labor support
team member, I'll suggest different positions for laboring, such as rocking on a labor ball, squatting, or side lying, to name a few.  I  will coach you & your birthing partner with breathing, positions, visualization, and relaxation techniques.

*To Suggest Pain Prevention Management: Hydrotherapy is another effective form of pain control and many women find great relief in the birthing tub
or standing or sitting in a warm shower during labor.

*To Provide a Comfortable Birthing Environment:
For example, if you feel better in a darkened room
with a cooler temperature, I'll see that
the drape is drawn for you, and the thermostat
is turned down. As your advocate,
my primary responsibility is to support you with comfort, and more importantly, your safety while you are laboring.

*To Provide Encouragement: truthfully telling you
what a great job you're doing. How great your handling your contractions, reminding you to relax tense muscles.    Your partner will go through the entire labor
and delivery with you, and I'll remain with you
for a few hours postpartum while breast-feeding
is being established.
*To Provide Suggestions: I cannot however,
provide medical or clinical services or speak for you.
I may explain procedures that are being performed
so you can then make an informed decision for yourself, but I may not act unprofessionally at anytime.

Quality & Value:



*Dad is included in the labor process if he so chooses, suggesting ways in which to make dad feel more supported. The new father  is provided with the toolsto be an active participant in his child’s birthby guiding the father in comfort measures​that will benefit both mother and baby.


*Birth is a bonding experience and one that will always be remembered.  It is very important that the father and mother
share this experience fully. 

*Professional labor support person will be nurturing, have good communication skills and a genuine love for people and respect the birth process.  
*Cooperative working relationship: closely working with the doula, doctors, midwives and nurses during labor and delivery, and with hospital personnel, is essential to the ease and comfort of the laboring mother. 

*You have a team with a common goal working for you  to ensure the best possible outcome for you and you baby..

*Primary For Your Safety first,
To understand your wishes. Support your birth plan, and to the best of  their ability, see that those wishes ​are known and respected by hospital caretakers.

 The purpose & value of labor support is precious ​Co-creating a positive, lasting memory of the birth of a child is one of the greatest gifts one can be given.


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