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Cell Food

Living Food has Bio-electricity

Every cell is electrical what did you eat today that had electricity in it?
Do you know that Breast milk has bio electricity.
Seed milk is natures breast milk for your cells.

Feeding the Baby


He loves Seed milk

We forget that we create new born cells daily,  yet we don't treat the environment and

care for our NEW cells like you would a newborn baby.

We wouldn't give a newborn things like preservatives,GMO, MSG, food coloring,

and chemicals we couldn't pronounce intentionally.

The newborn and individual wants to be loved, wanted and valued we are here to

create something only you can create.

Protect the integrity of the cell.  If we learn how to protect the health of the cell, we will

learn how to protect each other and our loved ones.

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Seed milk is living food - natures breast milk for every cell in your body .
Who can drink it?
Everyone from babies to 90 year old
it is God's created perfect live force energy food.

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