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Doula Family Legacy Certification

Come & Join our birthing community

Doula Family Legacy Certification Program

3 Birth and Postpartum Doula Students share their experience


Doula Family Legacy Training

1. Philosophy

2. Why I want to be a Doula?

3. Why a Homebirth / Birth Center/ Hospital

4. Birth Plans

5. Prenatal Care

6. Nutrition and Exercise

7. Preparing for Birth

8. Normal Labor and Delivery

9. Pain Management Alternatives

10. Tools for Handling Labor

11. Water Birth Management

12. Communication Preferences

13. Coaches / Partners/ Doulas / Practitioners/Working Together

14. Yearnings

15. Complications and Emergencies


16. C Sections/ VBAC - Vaginal Birth after Caesarian. Placentas

18. Spiritual and Psychological

19. Emotional Road Map

20. Aspects of Pregnancy and Birth

21. Newborn Care

22. * Lactation –Breastfeeding Support

23. Normal Postpartum Care / or PP Depression / or Earthlings to Angels Loss & Grief Support

24. The Power of Your Story and Your Quantifiable Results

25. Services offered Building a Doula Business

26. Branding

27. Personal Growth and Development

28. *additional training required

29. * Practical Skills 3-Day Doula Training Intensive Immersion

30. * CPR for Adult and Children * NRP for Newborns Trainings

31. * Attend a Full Series - Childbirth Education Program

Choose Your Program Below:
L.E.G.A.C.Y is a 6 part online training towards becoming a Certified Doula. Each module builds upon the other and consists of 6 detailed video wbinars.  
Additionally, the 3 day intensive will include one on one learning, group learning and hands on experience. 
These can be purchased individually or as a bundle.

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