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Carol Wachniak is a Master Connector, Midwife of Dreams

Who says “Birth is a lifestyle “. Carol has had a long career in healthcare serving birthing families, she has found commonalities in that career and her birthing her product, service, and business for herself and her clients. She has delivered quantifiable results that have a “Butterfly Effect” brought into life by the same process of birth pushing through the contractions of “Life” until delivered on a personal, professional, national or global scale.

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Doula Family Legacy

In 1980 Carol used a simple idea to birth into being a business called DOULA FAMILY a legacy family business, utilizing three generations to provide professional doula and midwifery care to over 4000 families and 1200 babies.

Carol had an Unwed Mother ministry both hosting and mentoring women for over 20 years. She is the owner of the largest linked in birthing community. 

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Featured in

She is founder and owner of .for inspiring birth and postpartum doulas who desire to build a legacy business..

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Host to

Host to multiple local, National and International workshops and conferences including “Birth in the US Informed or Performed” 1985 guest speakers included Key Note John Seel, Social Researcher, Futurist, Dr Robert Bradley Developer of the Bradley Method, Marian Tompson, Co-Founder La Leche League International, Clara Hale, Founder of the  Hale House NY, Gregory White MD, Founding member of the American College of Home Obstetrics, author of Emergency Childbirth training manual for 911 call responders, Tom Brewer MD, Brewer Pregnancy Diet The Farm, Elizabeth Maxem Director

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While working for the airline industry
in 1986  she created the original prototype for the peel and stick Bag Tag  for 36 years the intentional focus was on prevention of lost luggage, her design is used with all airlines across the globe saving the airlines industry $billions.






Her master connector international etiquette skills training began early in life in the classroom with Mrs. Voorhees, 4th grade teacher, while, attending Roycemore a feeder school to Northwestern University where her fellow students were from around the world.
Which eventually lead to taking on leadership roles of multiple :others focused” organizations, where connecting and joining forces to brilliant minds, heart centered, action oriented people, who had a deep desire to change themselves and took self directed actions to make the world for the better place for all.

2006 Membership, Humanity Unites Brilliance, Founder Charlie Gay an event planner for Billy Graham , Cher etc who took over Princess Diana’s leadership role with “Mine Seekers” in Africa,  We provided food-water-education-micro-loans to those in need. HUB also is about providing education to its membership providing world class empowerment training  
2011 Health Achievement “Let Food Be Thy Medicine” Award from City of Chicago Commissioner Mr. Frank Avila, Carol has taught thousands in over 168 countries to restore their health with NON-GMO foods with bio-electrical charge that jump starts your health at the cellular level. 
2013 CEO Space International, Graduate, Club President and Mentee to the Founder Mr. Berny Dohrmann
CEO Space, 30 year business accelerator cooperative vs competitive organization with members from over 144 countries.

Recipient of the Fundbusting Coach Award 2015 for teaching the language skills entrepreneurs need to learn in order to speak the language of capital. And best of all, it was designed to works effortlessly. Carol volunteered her time to assist entrepreneurs to successfully raise start-up capital.  
Berny’s father, Alan Dohrmann, was a corporate trainer who was sought out by such notables as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Walt Disney, Warner Earnhardt, John Hanley, Thomas Willhite, Bucky Fuller, Dr. Edward Deming and Jack Kennedy. 
Growing up with his father’s leadership style  Mr. Berny Dohrmann, was called the Master Mentor the “Mentor to the Mentors” for example Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, before his passing  he used his expertise to upgrade CEOs worldwide into educated, skilled leaders with higher global integrity standards. As Chairman of a public institution heading up global investment firms, supervising thousands of licensed professionals operating in fourteen countries.  President Obama wrote to Mr. Dohrmann thanking him and CEO Space Faculty for assisting in the drafting of the Jobs Act Law and the Crowd funding Law so all businesses could have access for raising capital and not just a few. CEO Space was the only organization that taught how to properly raise Capital, with faculty members who held positions with the SEC.


Positive Impact Radio Show Host, just under three years, Carols guests were those making a difference by the actions they took, locally to globally. Jeff Hoffman, Priceline, Sharon Lechter, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Bob Proctor, Dr David Gruder, Integrity Culture Systems™ Robert Johnson, patent Bcube TM- “A Touch of Reality” Duke University



And then all the way to creation of the "Project Bula! Fiji Foundation ® 501c3 
And co - created a $60 Million Dollar self - sustainable School Campus Master Plan for 10,000 students in Fiji. 
In 2016 Carol used her enormous influence and master connector skills to build a friendship with Mr. Winston Thompson the Ambassador of Fiji in Washington DC


then, back in Fiji she hand delivered the approved master plan to Mr. Frank Bainimarama,the Prime Minister of Fiji, 
During her visit Fiji Foundation 501c3 were sponsors of the International Midwifery Conference in Suva, 
We provided medical instruments for over 250 midwives across the South Pacific islands, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, US, and Canada 


Her international work included 6th International Medical Conference in Budapest Hungary 2017 focused in blood flow on the micro-circulation in preemies to adults with top research scientists, doctors, nurses and healthcare providers from 44 countries. 

2021 Member, Ambassador to the Connect and Collaborate Achieve Chicago Group with Achieve Systems the mission to help entrepreneurs, in business, fitness, nutrition, therapy, health and wellness professionals develop clients, business and income so they can do what they do best - Help People!



Genesis 1 Management and Consulting -CEO- Owner Agent and Consulting for her Legacy Private Clients, who are desiring to deliver major projects to help humanity. Clients whom are seeking the right introductions anywhere in the world, Carol’s rolodex is impressive and extensive, Carol has a rule for all businesses, build friendships first! Without building the friendship first businesses don’t last.

 Her business guidelines are based on 4 pillars will what we're doing create more Love? 
Will it attract Joy? Will it attract Ease? And will what we’re doing attract more Flow?

 If by answering these 4 questions with anything but a yes - there is a reason for a no or for the resistance then we don’t move forward without clearing up whatever that is and able to say all Yesses. 
Legacy is: “The difference you make by the actions you take!”

Carol grew up with 3 brothers in Bensenville IL as a contractor’s daughter. Her father Nils Royem was the co-owner of Power Construction 4th largest contracting firm in Chicago.

During his life time, his company built over 100 major buildings that changed the face of Chicago. 
So growing up having someone walk into the office with a thought - an idea for example a Lutheran General Hospital, ITT, Northwestern University United Airlines HQ and Training Center they all started the same way with an inspired thought, conception, vision, trimesters, labor to delivery. “Birth is a Lifestyle! And We deliver!” 

 Carol is married to Philip, they have 8 children, 20 grandchildren.

 Homeschool - Educator, inspirational Speaker, Legacy Leader, Consultant,  Mentor, Preceptor, Professional Birth and Postpartum Doula, Owners Agent for clients, Philanthropist, 
Advocate and Ambassador of “I Believe in YOU!”

“In the classroom you get the lessons then the TEST…In life you get the TEST and then the lessons!” © 1984   Carol Wachniak 
Life TEST and the Lessons - Character Building - Seasons of Time Moments Overcoming to Victory

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