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Birth by Design

You're in our hearts and hands


Meet the Founder
Carol Wachniak
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Since 1980, we've served over 4,000 Clients and delivered 1200 babies" Changing the world by loving one family at a time.
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Our legacy is to passionately teach the timeless wisdom and skills of seasoned doulas and birth workers, into the hearts and hands of the future generations of doulas.


To professionally train and certify Birth and Postpartum Doula to respond to the call for all mothers and babies to ensure they have the support they desire.


Doula Family, we are called to be the tender Guardians to ensure the significance of birth is not lost. Protecting the Sacred space of the birthing mother for the arrival of a new soul. Through education, to enhance safety, comfort, and care physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually while supporting the well-being of mothers, babies, and families. “We are changing the world loving one family at a time.”

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My name is Carol Wachniak.   We welcome you into our Doula Family as we lovingly assist and encourage you to Birth your baby your way. 

We are Life Experts - Birth is a lifestyle, we walk the walk  in our own family as you will see as you explore our website.


Our Story

In the 1970's I didn't start with the end in mind.
If I don't share my story then why I do what I do, wouldn't hold any substance. Without knowing the story behind the story there will always be a gap in understanding.
Carol Wachniak, CEO Founder wife and mother of eight, and grandmother of 18. Doula Family is a 40 year, legacy family business, serving over 4,000 families. I didn’t start out with the end in mind. It started with a black hole of contrasting life events with many forks in the road, twisting and turning the good, the bad, and the ugly. Have you ever wanted to run away from your own story? Being vulnerable is not comfortable. I discovered, if I don’t share my story then my why wouldn’t be grounded in the truth of my experiences and hold any substance to build upon.


"Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action. "
                                        Mother Teresa website.


On the left:

This is a mother in labour receiving leg and foot massage from her Doula care taker.

What is a Doula?


a woman, typically without formal obstetric training, who is employed to provide guidance and support to a pregnant woman during labor:
"from admission through delivery, a doula stayed at her assigned patient's side"
a woman employed to provide guidance and support to the mother of a newborn baby:
"my mother-in-law hired a postpartum doula to help me for a couple of weeks"


I desire only that which God desires for me!



Your Family is Our Family

We Are Delivering the Future

Kindness is Key

Lead with the Heart

Safety Comes First

To Ensure Ease and Grace

You are loved, wanted, and valued!



Mother of 7 home water births Jaimi leads the Junior Doula Program.

Jaimi Kunz

Doula and Mother of 7


Her impact has touched 1000's of families as a Doula, Midwife, International Certified Lactation

CPM, Oct 24, 2021

Lori Beth Geils


Mother of 5 home births.  Being a Doula is her passion and way of life.  She has been a Licensed Massage therapist for 15 years.

Becky Tooley

Doula Massage

meet the staff


Watch to here how the Doula Family saved her life.

Alix H

Baby Jessica


Assisted the most beautiful home birth.

Baby Sophia

Nick and Lori Dinovo


We loved the triplets

Chris Anderson

Baby Jen Jack and Jacob

An emotional First Exchange betwwen mother and child




Anonymous Tesimonial

I was 41, just had a baby delivered by the most amazing human being Lori Beth Geils. She walked confidently with me throughout my pregnancy and helped me bring my boy into the world. She had talked me into a water birth. It was incredible! Why didn't I do this with the other 4? The days to follow after my boys birth were off, I was off. Overwhelmed, anxious and not sleeping. Little did I know my boy was not getting any breast milk because my body was stuck?? My mind was stuck.. But Lori Beth was there, the first night and was always there. She came over, she took me to the hospital, she took care of my baby. Her mother Carol became my angel in the months to follow. Lori Beth had hand picked her just for me and my family. Despite all that was being poured into me, I crashed. I was 125 pounds, not eating, not sleeping, in a constant state of panic/fear. I was losing hope. Less than 6 months after my baby boy was born I took matters into my hands and took 20-25 tabs of a sleeping medication. I knew what I did and told my husband. He was mad. How could I ? The next thing I remember was asking the paramedic if I was going to die. I woke up the next day in a detox unit. I had landed in the pit, but little did I know it was the way out that was going to test me. The love that Lori Beth and Carol poured into me and my family was the love of God. I have no doubt God knew what He was. Doing when he sent them in my life. My life is forever changed. I am forever blessed. I can see the light now because God showed me through this incredible journey with a midwife and her mom.

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